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Shaanxi Hongqi Industrial Explosive Group Co., Ltd
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Leadership speech

Dear friends

We sincerely welcome you enter into website of Shaanxi Hongqi Industrial Explosive Group Co., Ltd, paid close attention on the operation and development of our company.

In the whole wide world, the network makes us become closer to each other.

Although we lived in all over the world, but owned the same blue sky, stand on the same earth, can feel what other’s feel.

We will offer you with faith and smiles, come with us stand at new altitude, start from cipher to what has been achieved as a new starting point, pursuit of greater creative and across and pursuit of a higher level of progress and improvement.

We are honored to look forward to work with you by the historical process of social and economic development together in rapid development and prosperity.

Since established, with all the cares, helps and supports from our friends, production scale, economic benefits, systematic construction, corporate governance structure, staff diathesis, and other aspects of the external image has been improved and upgrade continuously .

Ensure the Group would be stronger and developed in future, by you and your friends and your business concerns, helps and supports.

Here we are to express heartfelt appreciation to those who would concern, help and support in the past and in future.

Shaanxi Hongqi Industrial Explosive Group Co., Ltd prefers through this effective and directive platform to promote Group’s image and reputation to all the friends.

We believed this platform that you can fly high, this is the platform that you can express yourself who you and what you are, this platform can make you dream come ture.

Our company always adhere to scientific development, people-oriented, make friends, talent thriving enterprise, we were looking forward for valuable comments and suggestions pour in a larger number of concern, help and support from you.

Let’s share the resources, work together to pursuit common development, mutual benefit!