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Shaanxi Hongqi Industrial Explosive Group Co., Ltd
Phone: 0917-3909631
Address: No.69,High-Tech Road, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province
Zip Code: 721013
FAX: 0917-3909635

Company profile

Shaanxi Hongqi Industrial Explosive Group Co., Ltd, which mainly engages in industrial explosive, is a state-holding enterprise that integrates itself with scientific research, production, marketing and blasting services, was the first company occupied in this industry which established in Shaanxi province, was the first one engaged in the production of industrial explosives. 

The company formerly known as military enterprises, after re-structuring became to Shaanxi Hongqi industrial explosive Company in 2000, then became to the Shaanxi Hongqi industrial explosive Co., Ltd in 2005, after shareholding reform, Shaanxi Hongqi industrial explosive Group Co., Ltd has been established by 2009. 

Since established, through the capital operation to achieve the scale of expansion has become the backbone of the national industrial explosive sector enterprises. Group owned Yulin Hongtai branch, Hong’an blasting engineering Co., Ltd, and Zhen'an civil explosive branch.

Through internal restructuring, external integration, and independent innovation, the Group installs the information management system, establishes provincial level of technology R & D center, sets up the office of Overseas Business Department in Beijing, and obtains importexport license of industrial explosives.

Integrated eight different multiple explosives manufacturers and distribution companies through the Southern to the Northern of Shaanxi province, to built a modern explosives production sites, eight production lines and sales network runs through Shaanxi province, Gansu province across SiChuan province, and Ninxia province up to Mongolia, Guizhou province, even extended to overseas; acquired import and export license, the overseas business department was established by that time, pursuit overseas cooperation projects. Basically been implemented the strategic production sites, distribution Company, marketing and development pattern of Group.

In recent years, substantial growth in sales volume, market coverage and share continued increase, main income, net profit increased year by year, implemented the scale of operation, business model, and management quality control by great-leap-forward development.

Company operates in the Gel Emulsion Explosive, Powder Emulsion Explosive, and ANFO plus’s production, sale, blasting operations, import and export of industrial explosive products.

The fields of development are covers research and development of industrial blasting, demolition and construction, mineral resources investment, foreign technology and product exports, and etc.

Company is a national high-tech enterprise, and always will be technological innovation as the core competitiveness. Through increased investment R&D center, bring in R&D talent, strengthen independent research and development, special in welding blasting explosives, high performance and long life of emulsion explosives has made good results, access to three utility model patents and one patents invention.

The group was listed “One of Top 200” in “Potential Company In China of 2011” by Forbes.

Keeping “reciprocating the society, benefiting the employees” as its grand mission and taking the Industry development trends critical to public-oriented, Shaanxi Hongqi Industrial Explosive Group Co., Ltd is modeling world-class industrial explosive companies as its benchmark to advance, and striving forward towards the target of becoming china’s large - scale industrial explosive group that is socially respectable, industry- leading and quality –preeminent.