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Detailed information
Nigeria guests visits Group

        7th February, the project team from Ecuador was invited to the Group, Mr.Lambe, the General Manager of Military Explosives Plant Bureaus, Wang Yuefei, Zhang Tao, the general manager of New Era in Beijing, accompanied by the project manager visited Group, to discuss new joint explosives factory in Nigeria project matters, Zhang Zheng, Group' Chairman, Gao Fan, Secretary of Party Committee and other leaders met visit group at drawing room.

        During the talks, the group chairman Zhang zheng describes the correlation of domestic production of explosives as well as the company built-in explosive production line and safety management experience to Mr.Lambe, and highlights the company's advanced production line, product quality system, stability and environmental protection. And introduced the company at 2009 and Beijing in a New Era of cooperation projects in Eritrea and the group of companies involved in the progress of some of the views of international cooperation, Mr. Lambe was surprise for such work.

        Mr. Lambe, Nigeria explosives factory production status, full of expectation on China-Africa Cooperation. He believes that the development of Sino-African cooperation has entered a period of the current Nigerian government harmonious relationship with the Chinese government, Nigeria interested in and looking for Chinese partners. At noon, they visited the Fengxiang production sites, Mr.Lambe pointed, Fengxiang production site owned every advanced production lines, was praised for the level work safety and work cultural and ask every aspect of production, hoping with Hongqi Group to achieve cooperation together to complete the Nepalese side of the explosive production line.

        Finally, chairman Mr. Zhang hopes that the two companies can keep one another, deepen understanding and maintain relations of cooperation, learn from each other, for future cooperation lay a good foundation.

        Subsequently, Mr.Lambe, accompanied by chairman Zhang, visited the corporate culture exhibition hall. And the next day, Mr. Lambe accompanied by Liu, Group Vice President, visited the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin,  Mr. Lambe, said Hongqi Group and Shaanxi culture has left a deep impression.