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        15th June, the group held farewell ceremony for Fengxiang production site' project team members going to Eritrea, Zhangzheng, the chairman of the board, Li Xiqing, and Liu Zhengming, deputy general manager, Liu Honghai, trade union president, the Group and the relevant Fengxiang production sites department managers ,and project team members with their families  participated in the farewell party.

        Group Vice President Li Xiqing said in the farewell ceremony, 'this time, Group with the New Era company together sending people to go to Eritrea for technical services, is a sign of our Hongqi people to the world and fully reflects the Hongqi's strength and business development results, this will become Hongqi Industrial explosive catalyst for the sustainable development of the Group, will write the history of the Hongqi.

        Zou Jianbin, leader of the project team, said: facing this glorious and challenging task, considered the project team went to Ecuador with a firm confidence, high spirits, strong will on behalf of the people in the explosive industrial represent of the Hongqi workers, the successful completion of technical services. Group Chairman Zhang zheng made an important speech at the farewell party, behalf of the company, congratulation to those members go to Eritrea and wish the successful completion of their tasks. Meanwhile, express my sincere for their families to support them work abroad.

        After the farewell ceremony, there is a the farewell banquet for the entire project team members and their families, Zhang zheng, chairman of the company, such as leadership and team take pictures with all members.